in the shape of a girl (pretty_in_paint) wrote,
in the shape of a girl

i have now officially run out of productive things to do. jack has actually slept a lot today....which is good because iam very jittery and unable to sit still for very long today, which is a hard thing to be when taking care of a 5 month old baby.
but starting tomorrow iam going to bring to work
my yoga dvd
that way at least i can work out when im bored like this
still very very stressed about my passport
*fingers crossed* ill get it in time
its just my fucking birth certificate
i just *had* to be born in ohio.....ohio is the *only* state that you can not expedite your birth certificate.... can not. so i have to wait 15 to 30 days to recieve it. and then pay $400 to get my passport expedited to me in 2 days.
yes. i can do this.

in other news
jacks parents got me 6 free passes to carrboro yoga center. so iam now starting to take power yoga classes every saturday at noon.

i miss my boyfriend. only bc hes responsible though. he got another plumming job on the weekends working with his band, re- doing the old jerzy mikes
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