in the shape of a girl (pretty_in_paint) wrote,
in the shape of a girl

grunge is dead

iam in *such* a horrendously bad mood right now so iam going to write about all the things in my life that make me happy.
1. Ryker and Sol
2. Ikea opened in Charlotte today
3. in less than a month iam driving to Charlotte to get a tattoo done by Tom and go to Ikea
4. i might be driving to florida this weekend since I have next week off
5. recently i have been able to cut my losses and realize that some of the friends i had before were really shitty towards me and iam now on my way to a healthier life with people that actually care about me.
6. my car. god bless having a car that works and is dependable. and that i can haul a whole shitload of stuff in.
7. my apartment.
8.oriental garden....the very best in chinese food
9. my new shoes
10. my jurrassic park sheets for my lite brite
11 the super healthy diet iam following
12 the fact that i feel more like myself now than i have this entire past year
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